Junior Warriors

(7-11 years old)

Our junior syllabus focuses on ensuring students are fully equipped to succeed with a solid foundation in core martial arts concepts.

Students learn:

Basic Kata (Form / Routine)

Forms incorporate the core values of discipline, concentration, balance and coordination. Our Junior Warrior students learn a twenty-move routine that helps to build these important skills.

Students grow in confidence as they practice – forms foster a great sense of teamwork when everyone performs them together! 

Self Defence

Our Junior Warrior students learn about the importance of personal safety as well as the safety of others. Building confidence and discipine is at the heart of all our lessons.

With a combination of team talks, self-defence basics and beginner sparring, students learn how to overcome fears and to deal with confrontation in a safe and healthy manner.

Students on the Junior Warrior syllabus work through eight coloured striped belts, moving up the levels at their own pace. Instructors carefully track the progress of each student towards reaching the required standard in all the basic skills needed to progress to our ‘Core Syllabus’ – our next age/abillity group, and the track that leads to black belt.

Junior Warrior students have many opportunities to earn achievements and awards, whether it be through our ‘gold stars for excellence’ program (rewarding things like attendance or good behaviour at home or school) or through the various opportunities to attend competitions and courses.

Technical Skills

Your child will work on building knowledge of a variety of martial arts techniques as well as how to combine them together effectively.

Through various activities, drills and games, children practise the necessary fundamental techniques that improve form, balance, power and accuracy, creating a strong base from which to build more complex skills as the student progresses.

If you’d like to bring your child to one of our lessons, please call us on 07805 175421 or drop us an email here. You and your child are also welcome to come and watch any of our lessons and see what it’s all about!