Martial Stars

(4-7 years old)

Our youngest students follow a tailored syllabus designed to help nurture important skills for future progress. We focus on some core areas:


Even at this young age, self-discipline is an important skill to acquire. Using routine and focus based work, we strive to ensure your child learns the value of concentration, calmness and self-control in a supportive environment.


We know that it’s not always easy to ‘be a joiner’ and take those first scary steps into a new activity. We have plenty of experience helping new students to get involved, make new friends and have fun! Frequent personal milestones ensure that your child continues to build confidence throughout their training.

Balance and coordination

Through various fun activities and games your child will work to improve their overall control, leading to increasing confidence in many aspects of the core syllabus.


All our activities are designed to encourage a habit of fitness amongst our students, with increasing challenge as students progress through their training. Our youngest students barely notice they are ‘doing exercise’ as it’s so much fun

Teamwork & Friendship

We know that not everyone is great at getting to know new people, and we make sure to incorporate lots of activities to help young students get to know one another, work together and feel part of a team.

Students on the Martial Stars syllabus collect multi-coloured stars for their belts, moving up through the levels at their own pace. There are eight coloured stars to collect, each moving the student along the syllabus towards ‘Junior Warriors’ – our next age/ability group.

In addition, students are awarded golden stars for other achievements (in conjunction with parents). For example, they might be awarded for excellent attendance, good behaviour at home or school, or any other personal achievement outside of karate.

If you’d like to bring your child to one of our lessons, please call us on 07805 175421 or drop us an email here. You and your child are also welcome to come and watch any of our lessons and see what it’s all about!